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Create Curb Appeal If You
Are Selling Your Tempe Home

Make a good first impression. No matter how nice the interior of your Tempe home may be, a potential buyer of your home usually will not take the time to look inside unless he or she is impressed with exterior condition. An poorly maintained exterior sends a signal that the home has not been properly cared for and that deeper problems may exist. If you expect to sell your Tempe, Arizona home quickly at the best possible selling price, your home must capture a positive first impression as the best value in its price range in the neighborhood.

Grab a pen and notepad. Walk across the street and look at your home from the neighbor's perspective. Look closely at every detail and take notes of anything that could adversely effect a potential sale. Look for things that would signal poor maintenance.. Some deficiencies may be minor do-it- yourself repairs and enhancements while others like re-roofing and complete repainting may be too costly. As the owner you must balance the expense against the potential gain through a higher asking price.


A well manicured landscape makes a great first impression and generally does not cost much to achieve. The obvious applies here. Keep hedges shaped and trimmed. Remove dead branches from trees. Grass lawns must be mowed and edged frequently. Fertilize grass and plants to create lush color. Decorative rock areas should be kept raked smooth and free of debris. Remove weeds and overgrowth. Check water sprinklers and drip lines to ensure proper watering. Look for places to add plants and flowers.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Repair cracks and replace damaged pavers. You might consider acid-washing the driveway to remove oil and grease stains. A coat of water-sealant adds a nice finishing touch.

Condition of Home Exterior

Often a bit of paint touch-up is all that may be required. Scrape off peeling paint. Repair cracks in stucco areas. Make sure wood trim is tight and secure. Doors may need refinishing. Look for signs of water stains on the exterior walls. Often a power washing will remove stains. Hose-off exterior walls to remove dirt, spider webs and bird droppings.Replace burned-out light bulbs. Replace cracked windows and damaged screens. Remove clutter including lawn tools and toys. Pest Control

Look carefully for evidence of termites, gophers, mice, ants and cockroaches. These critters will be an immediate turnoff to a potential buyer. Have a pest control exterminator do a complete inspection and treatment.

Inspect The Roof

A roof in poor condition is often a deal-killer. That's a sign that the home likely had previous leaking problems which could have caused damage to inside walls that cannot be seen. Hopefully you will not have to replace the roof. Check for missing and damaged roof tiles or shingles, or any area that needs spot repair.

Keep It In Show Quality

Once you've made repairs, keep it in show quality. You never know when a potential home buyer may drive by for a quick look before contacting a real estate agent. Out- shine your competition. The key to making an impression is making your Tempe home appear as the best maintained home in your neighborhood. A bit of extra attention will help you make a quicker sale at your desired selling price.

Contractor Assistance

If you need professional assistance in making repairs, choose a contractor participant in our Tempe Home Improvement or Home Repairs Sections.

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