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Maximizing your gain. Unless it is a crucial emergency to see your Tempe home, getting the most money for your home requires advance planning for months ahead of the sale. This is particularly true in a tight "buyer's market." Look at your Tempe home from a buyer's perspective. Switch roles. In its present condition, would you buy your own home at the price you're asking? If not, it's time to begin the process of preparing your Tempe home for sale. Be conservative. Remodeling and making expensive investments may not be cost-efficient. However, you should begin to correct and improve the more minor deficiencies. Your own "elbow grease" may be all that is necessary. Consider using a Tempe Handyman or Landscape Service.

Choose a qualified listing agent. Interview more than one Tempe area real estate agent. They are not all equal. Most of all, choose one that you find personable that your would enjoy working with. An expert agent will help you identify things that should be repaired and improved that will help you extract the most margin from the sale. In the meantime, the following articles may give you insight into the home selling process.

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